Does anyone else here enjoy blepharitis?

my eyes hurt and get dry and i cant put my lenses in......what helped you?
Lid scrub. Take a warm washcloth and do hot compresses on your lids for a few minutes. Then wrap your washcloth around your first two fingers, put a few drops of Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo and kind-heartedly wash the base of your eyelashes with your eyes clothes, don't rub too not easy for this will cause irritation. After doing the lid scrubs use an artificial tear drop such as Systane. Do lid scrub every day, if soreness occurs decrease to every other daylight. Use the Systane 3-4 times a day or as needed for dryness. Also with Contacts in try some Clerz Plus. It is a drop that cleanses and rewetts beside contacts in. Good luck to you. Source(s): Ophthalmic Tech

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