Would you be allowed to wear un-natural eye colored contacts to a private college?

im just wondering because if i got like pruple contacts or something and than my academy would say it wasnt allowed than i would really mad..so would you be allowed to wear un-natural eye colored contacts to a private school?
Most commonly, anything considered "disruptive" is banned. If you aren't sure, afterwards check the school rules/dress code; if nothing is stated there, consequently ask an official in the school for an ceremonial statement.
I don't think so...they are often strict roughly speaking things like skirt length, uniform, shoes, facial hair (for boys!), hair styles (and color!) and other things so its fairly possible they may have something against the use of wearing contacts of an unnatural color...especially if its a private school.
Probally not.. Ar my public school adjectives of the strict teachers make you take them out
Sometimes private schools are extremely strict. However, if they do not state any rules against unnatural contacts, then you can wear them.
It would really depend on the academy. If it's a Catholic school with uniforms, you might not be capable of wear unnatural colored contacts, if they decide they are a distraction to other students.

However, something like purple, if it's a natural purple (some culture do have lavender eyes), even if it isn't natural to you, should be OK at most schools. Those zombie or cat eye contacts might not surpass though. = )

Call the school and ask!

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