I have my contacts on for 24 hours?

is it that bad,.... my glasses broke, and i had to do my homework.. i couldnt see and i really have to do my homework, i stayed up all night even went through an exam......and i hold to wear them again tonigth for like over 8 hours. whats going to happen to my eyes....
I wear contacts too.. if u are lucky and u often use ur special cream 4 eyes or something like that ,perchance nothing's gonna happen to u but if u wear your lenses 4 a long time , u will probably get conjunctivitis or other irratations.. and it's not good, believe me..!!
It depends on what kind of contacts you have. I have done this near the monthly contacts that you wear every day for a month, but take out at night and also next to daily contacts that you use one and throw out. It happens to me when I travel a lot on planes, when I nose-dive asleep and forget to take them out or a few times like you where I own been doing something for uni at the last minute and stayed awake over 24 hrs.

Once I wear contacts for over 12 hrs my eyes get really dry and afterwards I have trouble getting the contact out. If you only did it once you probably haven't done any damage, but see your optometrist if your eyes don't be aware of right.

My optometrist said that the problem is that you aren't giving your eyes enough oxygen. So put some eye drops in and wear your glasses for a while. Source(s): Been wearing contacts for a long time.
Maybe dryness in the eyes.
But they do have contacts that you can use to sleep contained by.
Maybe you should check them out.
I hear that they're really good!
Hope I Helped! (:
Just make sure you take them out when you sleep and you should be fine. The reason why you can wear contacts adjectives the time is because when your eyes are closed then less oxygen gets to your eyes but if your not sleeping next you shouldn't have a problem.
You can travel to the store and by some lubricating eye drops (Blink for Contact lenses) This will add moisture and oxygen to your cornea.

Make sure it isn't habit forming! Take them out as soon as you get the casual. Next time you see your eye doc ask about extended wear contact lenses. These are FDA approved for sleeping in. This doesn't mean you should sleep surrounded by them for 7 or 30 nights straight....just if you fall asleep from time to time it's not the running out of the world:)
You will be ok. I used to wear them weeks at a time. They read out this is bad and I am sure it is. But if you don't do it often you will be fine. Source(s): It has be years and I do not have any issues
You are just drying out your eyes.

Don't start out them on all the time, so right now just hang on to dabbing contact solution in your eyes every once in a while.

Your not going to progress blind!
nothing unless maybe irritation or dryness. they hold contacts you can wear for straight month or weeks and sleep in..you should look into it!

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