Just a interrogate, do eyedrops hurt?

For the past two days I've had this itching in my eye, it's class of pink and I caught it from a swim competition. When I woke up it was all crusty, it usually isn't. My mom says she'll put eyedrops until that time I go to sleep but I'm wondering if it hurts or stings? I'm a HUGE wimp when it comes to these things.... is there any way she can put them contained by where I can be in a diffeent position?
Like, would she put them in my eyelids or straight on my eyeball?

You may suffer some discomfort but no pain. I suggest you desire some medical advice as it sounds like cojunctavitus. Not serious but more than just regular eye drops
Eydrops don't hurt, it's just when they go in your eyes, you might be aware of a cold sensation, which feels like you have something surrounded by your eye and you might blink a lot.

That's how I felt when I first put Contact lenses in my eyes, the solution stuff feel cold, but my eyes eventually got used to the feeling.
No, i feel it kinda tickles lol
hi no it dont hurt the first cople may be annoyin but u get used to it x btw sounds like conjunktivitus x Source(s): had it approaching 10 times
Nope, it doesn't hurt. Not adjectives medications for eyedrops hurt. Some of them sting and some of them don't sting. Don't worry, your mom will tell you if it stings. If it does sting, it stings for one and only 1 sec. I know this because I've gotten one of those b4 lol
none i have ever used.
why would they hurt dah
They can sting, but most of the time it doesn't. Just really feels odd.
no they don't baby girl

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