Please lend a hand i fell asleep beside my contacts contained by and idk what to do.?

Okay so the other day i went to bed at ten p.m. i woke up at 3a.m. and i realized i have left my contacts in. My first reactions where on earth to get my contacts out so i did that. Then i went back to bed. My eyes started to hurt but i go back to bed hoping they would be better in the morning. they wernt. SO yesterday i was in recent times laying ariund with my eyes closed because my eyes were extraordinarily sensitive to light. Then i went to bed hoping my eyes would better this morning...well they arnt.

Heres what my eyes are doing
-they are VERY sensative to lighting
-they dont hurt bad just sting a little

should i use eye that my problem? are my eyes not hydrated satisfactory?

what should i do? please help?
Get to your eye doc.

Basically what happened was an immune response to your contacts. When you sleep surrounded by them (when you're not supposed to), you cut off oxygen to your eyes. Your eyes need to breathe, so....your body sends an immune response to kill anything is blocking its oxygen. You can't kill a contact, so basically what happens is little holes bring back punched in the cornea/the front of your eye. They're ulcers. It's one of the more common things we see near people who don't use their contacts correctly, even if it's on accident. If you catch it hasty enough, the doc can give you some eye drops to make the sensitivity go away, and if its an ulcer, you need some antibiotics to breed sure it doesn't get infected.

So, stop wearing your contacts for now. Wear your backup glasses, and attain to your doc as soon as you can. No Visine or ClearEyes, but artificial tears are ok. Source(s): I'm an optometrist
get a new pair of contacts, or newly try soaking your old ones in solution and let your eyes move about without them for a while. Wear your glasses for a few days. i did that once and it worked for me. i would personally simply get a new pair of contacts becaude it is easier and faster. my friend moved out his in once too, and he just wore his glasses for a few days and he be fine.
I don't know much about glasses or contacts though, because I don't use them.

Maybe you should call an eye doctor?
o: use visine, if it doesnt revolutionize call ur doc
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Winey little thing aren't you

You'll be fine, try some Visine and if your eyes weren't blurry then why would you obligation contacts DUH

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