well you see i had just bought contacts today...and my solution run outt..i mean it doesnt have anymore..because the container i got it contained by...was only for a 1 time usee..and now i simply took tehm off (theyre unprescripted and color)..and i put them back in the container...and very soon theyr elike SERIOUSLY dry....if i leave them overnight..with the container caps on and everythinggg...will they be shabby.? i will try andd fill them back tomorrow with solution thoo...damn i necessitate HELP
You should go get solution as soon as possible. However they'll soak up the solution and be fine pretty quickly. Don't be off them too long. Overnight is questionable. I've had contacts that I didn't realize the solution leaked out of the case for months (I don't wear them often) and i lately got them in the solution and was competent to wear them in minutes. Well I have contacts so I would put them in rather bit of water. It doesn't ruin the contact and My doctor told me that it was ok. So Yeah!! Hope it works.
if you wait more after ten minutes your contacts will dry up. get more solution asap

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