Do I really obligation eyeglasses?

I thought I had perfect vision until I go to the optometrist's office and she said I have 20/20 vision (good!) but my eyes are opposites... gist one is near sighted and one is far sighted (sort of bad).. She said as I get into the higher grades I'll entail to read more and since my eyes fight eacher other I'll get eye strain. But I don't really find my eyes bad? How do I know?
That is a tough press.

If it were me, and the doc said I had 20/20 vision and I feel my eyes were great, I would just do nothing.

There are times when some commercial eye doctors recommend specs when they aren't really any help to the patient, but make the optical organization a couple hundred extra dollars that day.

It's sad but true.

If you don't feel eye strain or headache, it is my humble opinion
that you should not buy eyeglasses or contacts until you feel
there is a unadulterated problem.

get them. but i would get contacts, though because they are much better. glasses look gay on me so i love contacts better

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