-1.50 within one eye -3.00 contained by the other unbelievably fruitless for the workstation?

I got new glasses and a spanking new prescription a month ago -1.50 for one eye -3.00 for the other. I always used to be able to use the pc next to no glasses now its so uncomfortable and the simply way to improve it is to cover one eye which isn't very practical.

My distance reverie is fine with glasses but I was told I didn't call for them to read so what is wrong with my eyes?
This is exactly as would be expected. You can certainly use the computer without any lenses newly as you have before. Your distance vision is fine.

You hold aniseimetropia.

If you are having trouble with computer use the doctor can do something about it, Source(s): Optometrist
Sounds like your Rx may need to be tweaked a bit. In any case I would contact your doctor. Inform them of the problem, and they can find a solution. As soon as possible! Normally as a courtesy they will check your illusion with the glasses on, and if any change is crucial they will do it free of charge; even if you purchased your glasses elsewhere. BUT there is a certain time frame so don't hang around.

As far as what is "wrong" with your eyes. You are nearsighted or myopic. In the mean time, if it doesn't cause headache, I would simply ditch the glasses while on the computer. Source(s): Licensed dispensing optician, ABOC, NCLC
This question cannot be answered here except in the most nonspecific terms. Your optical history is of fundamental importance ie strength of previous glasses and your age and wearing history. From what you vote your vision previously was monocular ie seeing one eye at a time. In general lingo you should return to your optometrist so that if necessary the prescription can be modified to improve your comfort without necessarily reducing your distance mirage. Source(s): Optometrist
Go backbone to the optician and complain/ get them checked..
Don't be put off with 'you will bring back used to it'
I had some glasses where the designer put the same prescription in both lenses in error.

It is possible that you may involve bifocals. Because looking at a machine is different to looking at a book?
I don't really get your question.
If it make you feel better, I'm -3.00 torric in both eyes and I'm only 16 (:
yay for contacts.

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