(The truth) more or less specs?

I recently got glasses, i'm myopic. They said that I should wear them adjectives the time but my mother said that if I wear them all the time the next time I go rear legs they will just make them stronger. Is that true? Should I wear them all the time or individual in class when I really need them? If I wear them all the time will my eyes receive better? Will I wear glasses all my life? Do you mull over girls with glasses are cute?? Okay, you don't answer the last one ;-].

Thanks surrounded by advance everyone :-].
no, yes, yes, probably , probably and girls beside glasses are hot,(the whole librarian thing)
It depends on your description, if you own a very low myopia, you don't have to wear them all the time. if you enjoy anything pass -2.00 or -2.50, you should wear them all the time, unless you can function with them. Your optometrist should describe ya whether u need to wear them all the time on your prescription. What you heard is true, your prescription will achieve stronger as you grow, but wearing glasses all the time isn't the cause. As you grow, your fantasy deteriorates anyway, but if you wear the correct prescription you eyes deteriorates slower, if you don't wear ur glasses at all, it deteriorates faster. You don't necessarily have to wear eyeglasses for the rest of your life, u can get contact or laser surgery if you want. I too wear glasses, and my parents ask me to wear them adjectives the time, especially when you have to look hard at something..What your mother says is if truth be told correct in some cases, although by wearing your glasses often, probability that your power can reduce is also high.. It is recommended that you wear your glasses whenever you can and should, though I know it takes time to get used to.. I'm not sure about wearing goggles for the rest of your life, however, I do know that you could try wearing contact lens after a certain age!
I believe anyone with goggles looks intelligent, but dont mix up intelligence with being a nerd..
When you are a teenager with Myopia, your prescription will most expected get worse as you GROW. It is hereditary and has nought to do with becoming dependent on them. Your brain likes to see 20/20! Some people mistake this for mortal dependent on them. Your Rx will change according to where it is going to be! Not wearing your glasses is silly. It will NOT hold your eyes from changing if you wear them or not. Why people believe this is beyond me! Your eyes will most likely not draw from better. Just like your feet won't get smaller, nor will they stop growing if you do not wear shoes. Your foot do not become dependent on shoes either. They grow as they will and stop when it is time. Your eyes are the same. You should wearyour glasses when your DOCTOR tell you to wear them. Glasses are in at the given moment and I think that you will find a lot of guys regard as that glasses are cute. Source(s): I am a Certified Optician (28 years) and severly myopic. I am also a mom of teens in glasses. O^O
Okay, wearing eyeglasses don't make your eyes better (sorry, i wish it could...for me 2) anyways, i think you should wear them adjectives the time cuz my mom said that if you don't you have to strain your eyes and it'll get worse.

depends what kind of specs...the plastic fframes are way cuter then my dorky metal frames..but i got contacts. Source(s): my eye doctor!
If you wear them adjectives the time, eventually your eyes will become dependent on them. Mine got stronger each year, however in the ultimate couple of years, they've stayed about the same.

When I first started wearing them, no it was not cool...you be considered "four-eyes" but now, I think it gives you an intellectual look. When you become elder, you can always go to contacts. well first of adjectives Myopia is just a technical name for nearsighted ( which resources you can't see things far away) and second. I thin kyou should listen to your eye doctor.. if he said you need them adjectives the time then you probably do.. and they may get a little worse near wear but you're vision will get a lot worse if you don't wear them. and yes undesirably you're stuck with glasses from now on unless you find laser eye surgery.. they aren't so bad and if you really dont like wearing them you can always gain contacts. Source(s): Have worn Glasses for 21 years.

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