Okay so im getting contacts contained by winter break obligation to know what company is the best for contacts serve please? ?

I need some contacts for my eyes
need the best company
help ? (:
beside contacts, you get what you pay for..

any of the more expensive brands are really good.

ask your doctor which ones hold the most moisture and are somewhat tapered in order to allow your eyes to breathe better.

but the key is to bring ones with a lot of moisture/breathability so that your eyes don't become dry/itchy/uncomfortable, because if they do, when you go to rub them they'll enjoy a tendency to fall out..

I use a brand called 2clearXC and they work great. simply depends on what you like though.. doc. should give you different types to try on anyway. just ask him. :) Source(s): my mom works at an eye doctor's organization.
Here are some sites for cheap and good contacts. Fast and easy.




http://www.1800contacts.com/ :Best


;] Welcome :p

These are all 100% really god not detrimental sites. Considered the best. Source(s): My mothers an eye docter
Your eye doctor will probably recommend a type best for you, also today I heard about these contacts you never take out, you in recent times put them in once a month, maybe you should look into that.

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