1000 degree eyeglasses, is it too much?

I'm 14 (born in December 1993) and my glasses are a little over a 1000 degree. Is that too much?

According to my parents, I started wearing glasses when I was 3 years old

Is it true that it get higher as you get older?
If so, is in that anyway to prevent the degrees from getting higher?

You probably have 10.00 diopters

That is a strong lens correction.

Luckily you be born at a time in history when there is great
progress being made to correct your problem.

Get some contacts for in a minute if you can wear them.

There is nothing really you can do to prevent what's happening.

I suspect by the time you are twenty, there will be an straightforward way
to fix your eyes......technology keeps getting better!

be long-suffering, good luck

I think you are confused, 1000degrees does not apply at all to a eyeglasses prescription. Try re-reading the prescription power.
Try undercorrection- this can improve vision as it encourages the eyes to bring into focus blurry objects readily.

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