Astigmatism - Colored Contacts & Glasses?

I have an astigmatism in both of my eyes and I have to wear Toric lenses. I believe he (my eye doctor) said that I have three steps of astigmatism in one eye, and four in the other. I am also near sighted but not exceptionally much, so I don't have a lot of trouble seeing without goggles or contacts, things in the distance are just blurry.

My question is, is it possible to decree regular color contacts to wear for effect if I order them with zero power?

Then I could alter my eye color and wear my goggles (or go without for an event or whatever I be doing that I wanted to alter them for) so I could get two colors of contacts that I want.

I've looked into colored contacts for toric lenses but they are either intensely expensive or only come in very constrained colors.

I was looking at the FreshLook Radiance and Dimensions lenses. I could get one box of each and lately wear them for the color effect, not for vision correction.

I just didn't know if that was how it would work, purely entering zero for the power.

This is the FreshLook Radiance page:
you can absolutely do that. If you want to change the color of your eye and plan to wear spectacles you can writ plano freshlook radiance lenses in your favorite color and wear your spectacles over that.

But if you were to try to find your prescription in just a spherical lens (like without correction for astigmatism) that conspicuously wouldn't work for you because you are a high astigmat. Hope this helps. Good luck to ya:) Source(s): i'm an optometrist
Sure...if you get contacts beside no power, it will be the same as when you have your glasses rotten.

So, when you need to see better, put your glasses on over them.

Problem ya going to get them online lacking a prescription for them ?

Even 0.00 power lenses require a prescription.
Source(s): Optician
idk sorry

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