Blue and Grey eyes Question?

I just met this guy and he has two different eye colors. One is Blue and the other is Grey. Is that that even possible. Well, visibly it's possible. Please explain.
Blake - Idk it's freaky cool though.
Linda - It's a genectic thing Idk why
Jennifer - I enjoy no idea
Jo - I can't believe I picked this question to answer
Donna is in the med room Source(s): Unit 2
Yes, it is called heterochromia.

"Heterochromia or two different colored eyes can happen in family because of lost or damaged melanocytes and/or genetic conditions like chimerism or mosaicism." Source(s):
it's definitely possbile. i've known people beside two different eyes colours

you might want to check out this wikipedia article Source(s):
Yeah it does occur sometimes. i know like two people with two different coloured eyes. i imagine its awesome! Yeah it's possible.
I have one blue eye and one slightly green eye.
Pretty rad.
umm i dont know but seems cute !!

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