Eye be scratched, immediately is growing milky from that spot?

I was weedeating about a month ago when i eye was scratched, hurt approaching heck, but everything kinda let off and disappeared, then in the region of a week ago, my eye is now getting a milky substance look to it where it was scratched and seem to grow, anyone have a clue?
It sounds like the scratch have turned to an ulcer. This is a very serious condition that can cause you to lose your eye if it is not taken attention of. You need to see an Ophthalmologist, not an optometrist. An Ophthalmologist is a real medical doctor that can diagnose and treat your eye conditions. You may have scratched your eye and in a minute it is becoming infected,the scratch could also have left a substance within your eye that is causing a reaction. Ask your doctor or local clinic and enjoy them take a look. Your eyes are a valuable resource and should be protected at all costs.
Be outstandingly pro-active until you get the treatment and answers you need. If you are still in academy, go to the school nurse or gym teacher, they own great resources. Source(s): Medical Professional
well i'm no doctor but..
all i happen to know is that when i see dogs and cats beside foggy-milky looking eyes it means they're blind

so. i would go to the optometrist because maybe you'll budge blind return to the opthalmologist for another exam.

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