"WILL I" wear reading eyeglasses?

My mother and father wears reading glasses
My mother have be wearing glasses ever since she was a young girl and she even cooks beside them on
my father just wears them to read

Is it guaranteed that i`ll wear them in some cog of my life?
I have older partly brothers and sisters and the other side of their parent that i don`t share with them don`t wear glasses so i can`t tell from them if i will wear them.

Whats do you reckon?
The obligation for reading glasses arises because of age, not genetics. As we age, we lose our ability to accommodate, or focus at close at hand. It's called presbyopia if you want to look into it more. It's just a normal constituent of aging, so almost everyone ends up needing reading glasses.

There is no way to know whether or not you'll stipulation glasses before then. Source(s): optometry academy
so if ur dad had a pet duck and ur mom had a pet duck that follows them around everywhere does that mean ducks will sooner or later follow u?It doesnt affect you of ur parents keep clear and dont stare into the tv 2 long or at the sun.

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