10 Points! Where is the cheapest place to buy contacts?

I need Acuvue Oasis contacts soon and need to know where I can draw from them for less
I shop at www.lensdiscounters.com. They are the cheapest I've found after shopping around.

Acuvue Oasys at Walmart and 1800 contacts is $29.99


They are $24.15 at lensdiscounters

http://www.lensdiscounters.com/catalog/c... NVI inside walmart (vision center) is having a HUGE sale if you buy a yrs supply (8 boxes/ 4 boxes if monthly) You will definitly put aside the most there:) Source(s): worked with Optometrist

been cheap and reliable for years
Walmart! I am recitation you...They are cheap there
1800contacts.com is where i buy mine

otherwise i have hear that walmart is cheap too

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