"Floater" contained by eyesight?

Well, it started out as just a dot in my right eye. I never really did notice it much. Its be around for a few years. Now its more than just a dot. it looks more like a big dot with hair coming out from it , kinda reminds me of a spider lol. Black and cloudy, when I move my eye it moves. Its been like this for a few months now but seem to be getting worse. Its starting to get very annoying! I dont have daydream insurance, and Im not due for my exam until Feb anyways. Last time I went I didnt mention the "Dot" The eye Dr did say that the pressure in my eye be dangerously high but didnt say much more around it. I do wear glasses. I suffer from high blood pressure, Migraines and high blood sugar. Im 20 years hoary and other wise healthy. My uncle was blind due to his diabetes but save for that I cant think of any more problems in my Family.

Could this "floater" be serious or is it normal to enjoy these?
high eye pressure and its complication you are feeling along with that your existing bad health better see your doctor with out loss of time I have a floater as well, I own had mine for a couple of years now, I went to my eye doctor because I didn't know what it be and I woke up one morning and it was there and it looks like within is a bug flying around when your eye moves it moves. mine wasn't dangers and my retina was good. But I do want to influence yours sounds serious now I'm not a eye doctor or anything but my doctor said if I start seeing like a curtain starting to go over my eye after I need to go in right away, resembling something covering your vision. He said it will make you go blind if it does that. And it ability something is wrong with your retina. So you will need to be seen right away and I guess they do a surgery to fix it if it is fixed surrounded by time. I'm sorry I don't want to scare you and I will be praying for you. I hope its nothing. but I would suggest for you to go see the eye doctor.
It is impossible to let somebody know if this floater is serious or normal without a full examination of your eye.

Floaters can be a completely commonplace occurrence but in some cases they can be an indication of something more serious.

Also with the 'dangerously elevated ' eye pressure that also requires urgent further investigation.

So go now and have a full nouns. Source(s): http://www.laser-eye-surgery-review.com
When a floater is in the form of a "cob web," the diagnosis is commonly a posterior vitreous detachment. The vitreous is the jelly like substance that occupy the space behind your iris to your retina. A posterior vitreous detachment means the vitreous is pulling away from the retina and the floater are the cells that are reflect back to onto the retina which is why when you move your eyes they "follow." Vitreous detachments can cause retinal detachments as the vitreous essentionally begins to verbs the delicate layers of the retina. A retinal detachment can lead to blindness if treated. I would go to the doctor and as this is a medical diagnosis, if you have medical insurance, it will be covered. A posterior vitreous detachment typically needs to be monitered to ensure that it does not head to a retinal detachment. High pressure does not help matters however, your doctor can prescribe drops to lower the pressure. When you are diabetic (high blood sugar), you need to hold a close watch on your eyes due to the possibility of losing your sight. High eye pressure can be an indication of glaucoma, which also needs to be watch closely and treated to prevent blindness. If you are having all these problems at age 20, you should probably go within early for your eye appointment, or at least call your eye doctor and discuss your symptom.

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