Is in attendance something wrong next to his eye?

My dad has been complaining about his eye adjectives day. he has high blood pressure surrounded by the other eye due to getting hit in the face with a orb when he was younger, he wears glasses. yesterday he be doing tile work in the bathroom and a tiny piece of tile flicked into his eye, it bounced off but could that off artificial his eye? please help :) xx
Does he have large blood pressure or glaucoma (high eye pressure)? Either way I would probably get it checked out by eye doctor just to build sure.
If his sight is affected or he has headache or a really painful eye then he should get it checked (local A&E or even opticians). You solitary have two eyes so better safe than sorry.
it depends on what symptoms he now has beside his eye. is it hurting...or is his vision blurred...lots depends on that.

i say that as my hubby has large blood pressure (&diabetes) & has been diagnosed with a cattaracts within his eye. it's hard to answer without knowing what the problem is....he might just enjoy irritation due to the tile hitting him.
probably scratched it oops

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