My right eye is bloodshot..?

i don't drink or smoke or anything like that but i did get my new contacts from acuvue 2 surrounded by the mail today. nothings wrong with my eye, it doesn't hurt, burn, sting, i can open them, etc etc.. besides that my right eye is pretty bloodshot. i've never have bloodshot eyes before and this isn't my first time wearing acuvue 2. whats wrong with my eye? pink eye, just bloodshot, or an infection? :( will it move about away?
A bloodshot eye can be caused by many things, including small iritations in the eye (cysts for example), or foreign particle (eyelashs, dust), or as a reaction to stress or extreme exertion. it will probably clear itself up within 24 hours, but really bad bloodshot eyes can ultimate for a few days. Check it out with your doctor if it doesn't clear up soon.
See an opthalmoligist right away. It could be nothing, but do you really want to tell someone who asks how you become blind that you thought it was nothing? My wife is an opthalmological technician and is always describing me to take everything seriously when it comes to the eyes.

I don't mean to scare you, but better past the worst than sorry.

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