*10 POINTS!* Can I Use Saline Solution As Re-wetting Drops For My Eyes And Contacts?

I have the Bausch and Lomb Sensitive Eyes Saline Solution and was wondering if I could use it as re-wetting drops for my eyes since they dry out a lot human being in front of a computer all day for work..is it out of danger to use it throughout the day?
Yes, I used to do it all the time. It safe to soak your contacts surrounded by so why wouldn't it be ok to use in your eyes. Source(s): Me
I have used that before as eye drops during the day. People looked at me crazy though, since it be a big bottle. It's also good to take them out and clean them. That help mine stay moist. I look at a computer all day too and things start to get blurry. yes i do it, if i run out of re-wetting drops. Also once i get shampoo in my eye and i used the saline solution to rinse it out!
You can use saline, it just isn't as effective or as long enduring as real rewetting drops would be.

The real drops are formulated to create a cushioning film that would closing longer and lubricate better. Source(s): Optician
once in a way you may use the irritant eye drops but singular the the lubricating eye drops only the answer

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