Ok so about a week ago my eyelid got what I thought was a stye (I have quite a few as a kid) and it hurt to blink. Now, days later, it is SUPER itchy (still has the small bump underneath the lashes), less painful, slightly swollen and pink. Any idea what this could be? Should I run to a doctor? I have tried hot compresses and antibiotic ointment but doesn't appear to be getting better. Also seem to get itchier at night. HELP!! Thanks
purely..please...go to the doctor.....
An itch is a sign of allergy and this is allergy season so it's a common problem. Hot compresses and antibiotics are a waste of time because they have no effect on allergies. Try to find out what you may be allergic too and stay away from it. You can also find allergy eye drops or an eye wash from the drug store. Source(s): Consultant to: http://www.wildcontacts.Com/
Definitely go see your optometrist.

Itching is a sure sign of allergies. However, the allergies can be cause by toxins in which bacteria are releasing. It is possible that bacteria could enjoy been trapped in the clogged gland (which presented as a stye), eventually made its way into your eye and is very soon causing your symptoms.

Then again, it could just be a clogged gland and some bad seasonal allergies. However, the backache and swelling you are experiencing leads me to believe otherwise.

Do the safe thing, and take it checked out by your eye doctor! Source(s): I'm an optometry student.
i would def get that checked its be days n not getting better.. its time to stir!! nothing big prob just need eye drops
u need to see a doctor about that because the closing thing u want is a infection around ur eye\

answer mine!!

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