***Freshlook Green***?

I tried the sample lenses at the doctors office and they looked nice. It said demo on it. When I was looking within the mirror at them really close, I could see these dots on the contacts, they were really big and unnatural. I am wondering if I bought the lenses with my prescription, if the dots would look so big like the sample. If you have these contacts please answer!
i dont think that you should use freshlook, i've be told that they look unnatural.

go for acuvue 2 colors, even if they come in a small variety of colors, they seem to be to look natural. you should try jade green (:
Yes, the prescription colored lens will look identical to the demo lens - only difference is that it will not hold demo written on it.

With all freshlook colored lenses the colour is made up by using a number of colored dots and when you get close satisfactory you will always be able to see them Source(s): Optician
Yes the dots would be the same, but thats what gives the desired affect. Other individuals would never notice them because they aren't inspecting your contacts as closely as you are. They are only noticing the overall affect. Colored contacts are worn by millions of population, and I bet you've never noticed any dots on their lenses if in fact you could even give an account they were wearing contacts. Source(s): Consultant to: http://www.wildcontacts.Com/
consultant to: http://www.contactlensesourfocus.com/

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