Do you take used to putting contacts contained by?

I want to get contacts, but when I went to the optomestrist I had some problems trying to achieve them out (it took like 10 minutes and i like started cryin and stuff) and i was so upset i didn't even try to capture them in. what i was wondering is if it gets easier after a couple tries becuz if it doesnt im pretty much screwed...... soooooooo ok thankfulness for the answers!
I did. It's like 2nd disposition. That's not saying that you will.
my mom had lens put in her eyes and she loves them they never come out it may attain easier but you never know i hear there real hard to bring care of lens may be to much money for you if you want them bad enough you will enjoy to work threw your fears just take it day by daylight don't rush anything you will eventually get used to them
I stood in front of the mirror at the optical shop for more than two hours trying to work up the courage to stick my fingers in my eyes to put the lenses in. It be HORRIBLE! I did not cry, but my eyes became real red and teary from the poking, and probably the fear as economically. (Okay, maybe that is a touch of crying.)

I wanted to sign out there SO bad, but I realized that I could do such a simple and mundane errand that so many others do on a daily basis short any fear or complaint.

I eventually did manage to wedge the lenses contained by my eyes, and it got easier each and every time I did it. You have to preserve in mind that non-lens wearing people do not go around sticking their own fingers contained by their eyes. When you poke yourself in the eye, it HURTS! It is not something we do for pleasure. The only reason a soul would ever stick his/her finger in his/her own eye is to either wedge something out that is to say caught in there, or to put in/take out contacts.

Sticking yourself in the eyeballs is something that take getting used to. No one warned me and I was blindsided and alone that day. I merely about curled up on the floor in a ball next to my thumb in my mouth.

Don't worry. It will get easier and you will be cheery to be rid of the glasses.
Yes, it does. After getting over the hurdle of first getting them in and out the tasks get easier after a few days of doing it.

I cried at my contacts fitting too. It's ok.
yes. it was tough for me too. i always see folks putting in contacts without a mirror and just sticks them within there and im to scared to do that and wonder how they do that so i just still use a mirror but its assured though.

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