Question roughly speaking wearing 3D Glasses at a movie theater when I wear prescription specs. Going next to my daughter?

Okay I wear eyeglasses and the movie playing is a 3D movie. Can they successfully go over my glasses. My glasses be pretty expensive and I don't want them to get scratched? Advice, my daughter really wants to see the new G Force movie?
They will fit over your goggles although its a tad bit loose and annoying and it shouldn't scratch your glasses.
i saw the 3D movie "Up" and i wore my prescription glasses no prob. I believe they design them expecting some ppl to wear glasses. :) what movie you going to see? Hope this helps! :D!
No problem. do injury will be done to your glasses.

Enjoy the movie, and your daughters company. They grow up so fast, and soon they will not want to go to the movies next to you.

So don't worry about the glasses.

Hey close to the commercial says...pair of glasses $300, movie next to your daughter.....TIMELESS !!
Put them over your glasses - too assured. They won't get scratched.

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