What are some more uses for soft contact lens cleaning solution. I hold close to 5 bottles and some are going on for to?

some are about to expire.

I bought a whole case of them cuz they be on sale, like 2 years ago, but i didn't realize they had an expiration date LOL

It's the features of contact lens solution that cleans, rinses, disinfects, stores, and removes protein.
Can i wash windows with this unwanted items or clean other things? It seems to kinda leave a smudge though, if i verbs glossy surfaces.
Or, maybe i can just use this stuff ancient the expire date?
actually they can be used to kill mouth ulcers. basically rinse and spit Source(s): optician
It can be used for up to a month past the date , but after that there is no guaranty that it will disinfect anymore...increasing your chances of infections.

There aren't any other uses for it. It sure isn't made for cleaning anything else. Source(s): Optician

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