A few question on contact lenses...?

Today is my second day using contact lenses, and I AM very happy to own made the jump from glasses. However, after leaving the optician's bureau I did some research on how contact lenses, and now I'm jumbled up on what to do.

When I take off my lenses, and am I supposed to squirt the Opti-Free solution on them for 5 second on both sides, then store them in the container with the solution, or do I lately store the lenses in the container with the Opti-Free solution without squirting any Opti-Free.

Now when I put my lenses on and hold them out of the container where they have been floating surrounded by Opti-Free solution for hours, do I have to squirt them with the opti-free solution for 5 seconds on both sides past putting them on?

Also finally, if I drop the contact, all I do is rinse it in the solution for 5 seconds on respectively side right?

That's all I need to know, thanks!
When you clutch them off, put one in the palm of one hand ( cupped )...afterwards put a few drops of your opti free on it ( enough to cover it ), and rub it gently for about 15 second , then put it in the case near fresh solution, then do the same to the other lens.

When you take them out again after at least possible 6 hours, just give them a quick squirt to rinse stale any debris that may be on the lenses . The solution they are in is like dirty bathwater , so they necessitate a quick rinse.

And the same if you drop one, just rinse contained by again with the solution before putting it on your eye.


The 350 ML bottle should last a month to 5 weeks...at lowest possible. Source(s): Optician
Pretty much yep and yep. I typically never rinsed them before putting them in the container, but most definitely rinse them formerly placing them in your eye. Obviously you'll want to rinse them if you drop one. That will get germs and dirt/hair/whatever off of them until that time sticking it in your eye. You're good. Don't worry so much. :)

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