"floaters", Broken Capillaries IN your eye cross-question?

okay, so i was doing a little LasikAnswer.com search and come across this question;
Is it bad to be seeing cell like things within your eye?
Sometimes when is it light outside like morning time if I am staring at a wall I sometimes see these long strings of tiny circles and they look like some sort of cell. If I try to concentrate on one of them then they move away because they are on my eye. They are black and white -ish. What are they?

the answer got for this question be;
What you are probably seeing are "floaters", which are little pieces of capillaries that have broken off and are floating around the inside of your eyeball. If so, they are non-hazardous and will eventually be absorbed. Don't worry about it. It happen more often than you think.

my question is..... is nearby anything that can be done to prevent broken capalaries in your eye or get rid of them? because they ANNOY me SO BAD. there's just something give or take a few them..... i think it's because i didn't know what they were and i was terrified something was wrong with my eye but according to the internet this is fairly regular. but is there anything that can be done?
Unfortunatley no. Just try and not rub your eyes too much, that's all you can really do.

Good luck :) Source(s): I'm an optician.

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