1 year supply of contact lens for around 100 dollars?

My cousin said he got a good deal for contacts lense...he got a year supply of contacts for singular 100 something. He doesn't remember where he got them.
I recently get an eye exam and a prescription for contact lense. The brand I'm looking for is Air Optix Toric. It's for Astigmatism so it cost alot more. Everywhere I go, its about $65 a box w/6 contacts . Thats way too much. Does anyone know where on earth I can go to find a cheaper price or get the same contract my cousin did?
he might have a prescription that is not for toric lenses. Torics are always seriously more expensive because of the technology that goes into them. $65 a box for this kind of lens is actualy a pretty good price. If it is whatis best for your eyes and your phantasm, do not try to treat your eyes by thinking with your pocketbook! It is never a good idea! Source(s): I am an optician next to expensive contacts too! O^O

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