Lasik request for information...........?

what are the chances of having permanently dry eyes after the surgery? and who is prone to this. if contacts form my eyes dry, is lasik likely to make them dry? thanks.
I have Lasik on my eyes 2 days ago and I highly recommend it. I was wearing the monthly disposable contacts and was constantly have problems with dry / itchy eyes, even after putting in super thick lubricants etc. It use to really drive me insane.

Now after my procedure my eyes are fine, no dryness or any irritablity. You do own to keep up with your drops for a week or so (which include the lubricating drops) but so far so good - I'm EXTREMELY thankful and wish I'd gotten it done years ago.

If your in Sydney I had mine done at the Vision Eye Institute within Chatswood with Dr Gerrard Sutton (he was fantastic!) Source(s):
the "chances" are hard to predict. there's undoubtedly no official percentages or anything like that. different for every personage. but a person who already has dryness problems...certainly make it more likely that lasik could cause permanent dryness Source(s): optometrist

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