What is a moral brand of eye drops for dry eyes that are also past the worst for everyday use?

i need a eye drop that i can use for everyday and is good for dry eyes
i use the computer a lot so i have need of a good eye drop.
i need one for children and one for elders
appreciation for your help
ClearEyes. :) I use them everyday.
I work within an ophthalmologist office & she gives the patients who suffer from dry eyes Restasis, Blink, Pataday (dry eyes due to allergies). The patients seem to similar to Restasis the best. You can buy just the artificial tears as well. If you have an eye doctor I would recommend you form an appointment and they should be able to give you some samples of differant eye drops to try.
I like Refresh drops.
I enjoy no idea i would liketo know to cause my dad just bought me artificial tears? but i newly now put them in for the first time,
ask your pharmacist.
Optrex make good eye drops as do Similasan
Same here snoopy...animate :)

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