Il ike this guy..wt contacts?

theres this guy i like :]
and i noticed him becuz he had rlly pretty grey eyes
and muddy skin
he says he has contacts but ther clear
and that his cuzin has equal eyes as him
but theres these other kids that know him
and they say that there color contacts
how can i tell?
and how would i seize him 2 tell me or not
cuz i rlly rlly wanna no
wtout him lying 2 me Lol
Learning to spell might attract cute guys. Source(s): I am an optician. O^O
Your question be really difficult to read. Please write your question and use the spell checker.

If you want to know, then ask him to remove the lenses in your presence or if he wear eyeglasses, ask him to wear them instead of the contacts.
If you are looking for a boyfriend, there are qualities to look for that are plentifully more important than the color of his eyes.

Besides, if you like his grey eyes, what difference is it if they are color contacts or the actual color.
ask him to take off his contacts

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