Can you wear 2 contact lenses on same eye?how to know whether your contacts lens is on?

I can't tell whether i still have my contact lens on my eyes or not and i had sleep beside it for a night..I tried to get the contacts off(evethough i don't know whether it's still there or not) and in a minute my eyes are red. can someone help me??
No you cannot wear 2. Do not put another one in until you are sure you other one is out. Try putting a few rewetting drops in your eye and taking it out again. Also look extraordinarily closely at your eye in the mirror, a lot of times you can see a little ring around the iris (colored chunk of your eye) so you can tell if it's still on there. If you cant tell, kind-heartedly put your finger on your pupil and pull to the outside corner of your eye. If your vision blurs then your contact is probably still in that. It may be possible to have rubbed it off into the corner, up under your eyelid, or out of your eye entirely. You can other go to your eye doctor and tell them you think its surrounded by there but can't find it. We remove them all the time.

Try not to sleep in your lenses. It's really not fighting fit at all.
You can wear two at the same time and there are a few society who do this. It's call piggy-back joke!

They are special lenses and you have get a problem on your hands. Sound like your pretty uncomfortable. First you really should contact your eye contemplation professional!

Make sure the lens has not fallen out or is curled up under your eyelid. You should be capable of tell if you are touching your lens or your cornea. Check by testing touching the cornea of your eye with the lens on. CHECK your delusion! Can you see clearly? If not, your lens is not in your eye, or it is in the wrong location.

Good luck Source(s): Optician

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