Catract removal ??

I am 28 yrs old and I suffered from a blunt injury in the left eye when I be 15 ,I lost the sight in that eye gradulally till it was totally blind. 8 months ago I notice a white spot in the centre of my eye ball (left eye) which the doctors daignosed as a traumatic cataract.Now some doctors enjoy suggested a catarct surgery without implanting a lens in the eye whereas others say aloud the lens needs to be imlanted anyway and one doctor said that removing the catract may not be required at all...but I think that for cosmetic purposes it shoud be removed as the white spot looks unpromising.Expert advise will be higly appreciated ..thanks.
Well, I would ask the advantages and dis advantages of the lens insertion. Even if you get no delusion out of it, the lens implant still has ultra violet peak that would keep you from having an injury due to sun burn in the eye. How tons doctors have you seen? I think that for the cosmetic grounds, you should have the gataract removed especially if it bugs you at all. If you wait you might be foolish at yourself later. I think that you should get the pros and cons of respectively doctor and then get one final last assessment from one more person and then formulate your decision. It is highly personal, and you need to weigh the advantages since you decide. I would do it, and have the implant if it be me, but then again, I am weird like that. Source(s): I am an optician. O^O
not an expert but have cataract removed and a lens put deal ever...went from incompetent to drive a car or read a book to almost 20/30 in the eye....wooo hooo

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