Laser Eye Surgery (Lasek-Wavefront)?

Has anyone had the Lasek Eye Surgery for astigmatism? I'm looking to have this done for the following measurements Right eye:- SPH -1.75 CYL -2.75, Left eye:- SPH -2.25 CYL -3.75. I have be advised that my astigmatism has changed and that I need to dawdle until it is stable before I can have the surgery. I am a little concerned as after reading some posts on the internet some nation have had laser eye surgery for astigmastism, but have have to go back to wearing glasses years subsequently due to their astigmatism coming back.

I am looking to get this done at the Optical Express in Bluewater, Kent.

Has anyone out in attendance heard of this or had this? feedback will be great.

I had it done in the order of 2 years ago... so far so good for me. Although the first couple of months were really hard.
When they applied the suction onto my eye during the surgery, it didnt work properly so they have to do it twice, which left me with intense dryness of my left eye for resembling 2 months. its normal for them to dry out but not to the extent that mine did. It was extremely light sensitive also. I have to get work to take the lightbulbs above my desk out. But I can honestly say I dont regret it in a minute. I have perfect 20/20 vision
I had Lasik done within 99 and had bad astigmatism in my right eye (forget the measurements though). The doctor told me he be purposely leaning to the side of caution on that eye and to expect to have a touch-up.

After six weeks of recuperative (I was damn near blind so they had to do profoundly so healing took longer than normal) the checkup showed he was right and it matched the numbers he projected. So he did the touchup.

Seems fine today. I have presbyopia so use reading specs.

Yes, your eyes need to be stable or the work being done will be negated.

I'd reccomend that you have a look at the following website:

It contains information on adjectives the laser eye surgery providers in the UK as well as plenty of information from and for people approaching yourself who are about to engage in treatment. This is a upright place to get further feedback about how LASEK works, what the alternatives are (All Laser Trans-Epithelial treatment, PRK etc).

If you do one thing, research your treatment markedly well. Once you have treatment done, you cannot reverse it.

Be weary of promises to develop your vision (this is not possible with laser) next to various fancy sounding techniques (with the added increase in cost). Often you are quoted a specific price and treatment only for the surgeon to suggest a better/more suitable (and much more expensive) form of treatment 5 minutes before you are due to have laser.

You undeniably want to have treatment done with the people/company that you trust the most. The above website has obedient information, read some of the forums about surgeons / companies etc and perhaps ask people on the site for further information around the particular individuals that are to carry out your treatment.

As with most things, if you want adjectives, average quality treatment and rubbish service you go to ASDA or ((Woolworths)) etc. Likewise with Laser eye surgery you receive the 'conveyor belt, take a number' treatment at Optimax, Optical Express and Ultralase. Find yourself a smaller, independent specialist - they are often surprisingly cheaper besides being a undamaged heap better. Lasik-eyes will point you in the right direction. Source(s): Refractive surgery
I've never have Lasik but I want to! I have a little bit of astigmatism in my vanished eye and am near sighted. For now, I gotta wear contact lenses cuz Lasik is expensive!

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