>URGENT< If my ocular acuity is 6/38, what would it be contained by the 20/20 length?

Lol if that makes sense...
You meant to write 6/36 trance. This is the metric measurement.
The equivalent in the American system is 20/120.
It means the individual see at 6 meters what the ideally sighted individual would be able to see at 60 meters.
Your question doesn't make sense. Here, judge of it this way.

A person with majority sight can read a sign from 38 feet away, but you have to be 6 foot away to read the same sign.

20/20 would mean that you can read the sign at 20 feet, and so can a normally-sighted personality (meaning that you are also normally sighted).
Don't listen to those other answers. Yes, you're very close. It's 20/125.

20/20 is in foot, 6/6 is meters. As in, 6 meters is equivalent to 20 feet. Source(s): VA_T1_VA_convert.xls

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