Is it secure to use contact solution to damp your eyes?

Im using the ReNu MulitPlus triaction formula solution .

sometimes my eyes feel a bit dry , so is it safe if i use the solution as eyedrops to wet the contacts? or do i HAVE to gain rewetting eye drops?
I believe that the contact solution states on the bottle not for use in eyes. You have need of to get the rewetting drops as they made especially for uusingin the eyes.
Of course it is safe to use your solution as drops . Your contacts soak surrounded by it, then you put them in your eyes afterall.

The thing is, using solution as rewetting drops isn't remarkably effective.

The real rewetting drops cling to the lenses much longer to give the desired effect. Using solution basically wets them for a minute or two , then it washes away.

The valid drops are there for a reason. Source(s): Optician
Of course it's safe to use contacts solution to wet your eyes!
Contacts are cleaned with the solution and soak contained by it all night, and then you put them surrounded by your eyes, so I see no reason why you can't.
Although it is better to actually use the drops made especially to wet your eyes. They are more potent. Source(s): Experience. And I plan to pursue a career in Ophthalmology when i grow up.

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