Lasik Eye Surgery and Questions?

Why do they ask if you have had a sexually transmitted disease for Lasik Eye Surgery?
So they dont molest you during the procedure?

Do but really, I expect they just want to know everything about you, full disclosure ya know.
It isn't just eye doctors who ask this query, it is fairly standard when taking a medical history. Untreated Chlamydial infections can lead vision loss and I am sure even if it have been treated in the past a doctor would want to know around it. I'm sure there are other STDs that can affect eye sight as well.

Eye surgery is still surgery and can own adverse results. Good doctors will be thorough and learn as much about their patients as possible so that the best results are achieved. Source(s):
Herpes and Syphilis & AIDS can cause everyday eye problems. Chlamydia and Gonorrhea can cause bacterial eye infections that can cause corneal scarring.

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