Lasik Eye Center Surgeries?

i want to ask, (with the technology we have nowadays) does it hurt? about how long are the procedures? are they always succesfuly and if, what is the percentage of a successful surgery?

does it restore your vision the way you had it when you be born?

are these surgeries possible on people under 18?

thank you in mortgage :D
I did laser eye surgery pay for in August. My eye sight before wasn't too desperate but just bad enough that I couldn't see ably without glasses. I got PRK surgery not lasik. It did not hurt at adjectives. It was a little bit uncomfortable the subsequent couple of days but they give you freezing drops if it gets really bad. It took 5-10 minutes per eye. I don't know the percentage of successful surgeries but I know majority of them are successful. My trance is now 15/20. I think they recommend you to be 18 because your eyes don't stop growing until you are around 18 or older. Source(s): Had PRK surgery beside Gimbel Eye Center
Lasik eye surgery is rather safe if only you are a suitable competitor. As with any surgery, there is a definite risk incurred. You must be screen for suitability and examined by the doctor personally. (Not the sales team to mislead you to procure expensive package deal).The procedure only takes 10 minutes for both eyes and numbing eye drop will be applied to your eyes.

If you are a suitable competitor, the risk maybe :-
1.)Dry eyes (temporary)
2.)Regression/ enhancement
3.)Infection (3-5/20,000 for the next 3 weeks)
4.)Flap/ complication of treatment (rare)

A suitable entrant for Lasik surgery, it depends on:-
1.)Your corneal thickness
2.)Your power
3.)Your age (19 and above)
4.)A centre with a doctor who is examining your eyes instinctively
5.)Torough explanation to suit your lifestyle

Always insist on seeing the doctor performing the surgery for you. It is the due deligent of him or her to present the risk and benefit to you in detail personally.

Dr. Yeoh Phee Liang
Consultant Ophthalmologist
I personally had lasik done in december2007 and it be the best decision I have ever made.. I never really had honest vision and I had tons of astigmatism. I called the Lasik Vision Institute surrounded by Columbus, Ohio and set up a free evaluation they had me watch two different informational videos.. at first I thought oh god... but they be only about 5 min long and very informational preventable to say I didnt really have many question after the video.. They took a look at my eyes and determined I was a great candidate for Lasik. They offered several payment plans and be having a sale. I ended up paying dosh it was $2300 total and that was for custom lasik( places who offer 250.00 per eye are not doing customized lasik) I concluded up getting it done a few weeks later... you are not allowed to wear contacts for 2 weeks prior to surgery.. i didnt own glasses and i needed to see so i bought some. The procedure itself took conceivably 15 minutes it was painless... they told me to go home and sleep for 2-3 hours... which was sturdy to do because I was so excited to see if it worked... my eyes were a little sensitive to bedside light that evening but the next morning 8am when i went in for my post-op exam I have 20/20 vision.. and i still do (still get eye exams every year because i paid 300 for a lifetime warranty.. if my eyes "reverse" they will do procedure again for free. Most places dont do this for citizens under 18... just call for a free evaluation and see if you are a worthy candidate.. then they will discuss pricing with you. honest luck.. this is a very good investment if they are a good nominee!!
Depends on the location, company, etc. There's lots of stories of success and lots of failures. Look around. Find a GOOD company if you want this to happen. Realize that you do risk mortal blind regardless of how great of a company you go to. The probability of getting a mis-fire is the difference.

It's not like fixing it to being born, they fix it to seize it as close to 20/20 as possible.

It's possible, but VERY bad to do on younger people. Your body is still growing. You don't want to work on your body while your body is still working on itself!

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