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I'm only 11 and i have glasses near the eye number of 1.25. Is it possible to some how improve my eyesight by the age of 13 so i don't have to wear glasses!! IF YES PLEASE TELL ME SOME EYE EXERCISES THAT IMPROVE EYE SIGHT!!
Laser Eye Surgery. My mom got it a few years ago. It's pretty expencive and I doubt you'll get it so you don't call for glasses for middle school, which I expect is why you don't want them. Ask your parents about contacts though.
Two exercises to do with your glasses rotten (NOT LYING):

1)Go out into the forest, and look at the trees. Try to see all the leaves at the same time. Pay attention to the details and the different layers of depth. Just by man close to nature can help with the eyes.

2)Put a pinhole through a piece of broadsheet, and look through it. As you practice doing that, eyesight can "recalibrate" and improve.

I also hear eating carrots are flawless for that too.

The danger with wearing glasses is the reinforced dependence on them. If you want to seize off of them, you have to be prepared to take it seriously and stay stale them.
Eat carrots and dont watch tv or play video games so much. When reading use alot of bedside light, and rest your eyes often.

Never read in the dim light, you will incapacitate your eye sight even more.

Remember to eat your vitamins, and if you don't have any gain some.
you should wear your eyeglasses..in need them u will have troubles..
the number will increase and get fixed at the age of 18.dont waste your time and get hold of in troubles..
my uncle broke his leg because he didnt wear the eyeglasses.
i want the 10 points :P
btw if u are a girl..i dont find it a problem.some girls look nice wearing eyeglasses.
eat ALOT of carrot. Thats what my mother always used to say too me when i was a child.
I don't know about not having to wear glasses or contacts but what you can do is pinch some lutein which is for eye health and billberry. Don't read in the dark, and don't stare to much at the computer eyeshade or tv screen.
eye surgery
return with contacts plus spinich actually improves your eyesight the governmant only said that roughly speaking carrots during world war 1 to make formulate the carrot manufactuers richer.
Unfortunately, I don't think so. The only chance you hold of improving your vision is getting lasik surgery, or possibly growing out of your prescription. There aren't "exercises" you can do to improve your eyesight, it will evolution naturally. If you are considering lasik or another type of surgery, I would suggest waiting until you are older so your eyes don't chance after you've have it done. If not, you can always try contact lenses! Time will tell what your vision will do. Best of luck! xx
You cant even achieve eye surgery until your eyes are done developing which i believe is around earlier 20's
What ever you do don't listen to the Idiot who said to pour bleach contained by your eyes you need lasic
Lasers. you need Lasers.
as you get olderrrrrrrrrrrrrr..you're vision constantly change. they could get better. try not to do anything to worsen them
not possible hun. might wanna try eye surgery, or contacts..
well unfortunately there isnt anything to impove your eyesight. you can surgery or contacts
Not possible, im sorry...unless you get some type of surgery or contacts.
Eye exercises will not relief you. Your eye is not shaped correctly for perfect vision and exercises can't change the shape of your eye.

The despondent fact is that by 13 you will probably need stronger glasses than you're wearing immediately. Your vision will continue to change until your rash twenties and will then, eventually, stabilize.
You can mostly improve your eyesight by pouring bleach directly onto your eyes.

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