eye problems! EYE DOCTORS I NEED U!?

i have problems reading things that are far away. that is they seem far away to me but everyone else surrounded by my class can read them like and the dry erase board. i cant go to the eye doctor until i get my strength insurance in 7 weeks because it costs too much. school starts in 1 week and i want to be capable of read stuff thats on the board when i am in the last seat. i own seen those glasses at the store (i think they are reading glasses) and i be wondering if those would help. if they do then how do i know what number to get? (because some read aloud 1.25 and others say 1.5 etc.)
Sorry, the reading glasses wont help. They are the contrary power of what you need. You will just have to sit within the front of the room until you can get your eyes checked. Source(s): Optometrist
Reading glasses are for reading things close. For far away things you need to run get the eye exam. I think.
You'll probably just own to sit up close.

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