+0.25 (Farsighted) eyeglasses prescription?

I went to the eye doctor today because I have been have extreme headaches and feeling pain surrounded by my eyes.

She said there was nothing wrong next to the health of my eyes but that I was slightly farsighted. She said I didn't need the prescription nonetheless but I could try if I wanted it. For the headaches she suggested sinus problems (I'm having cheek pain) and to see my GP.

Just wondering if anyone thinks that this is the cause of my headaches or if someone have had similar issues and what you did to solve it.

Also, is 0.25 any difference, like would I notice a difference if I have those glasses or are they so weak they don't help?

If you haven't get glasses to begin with, you probably don't really call for to get a pair just for that.

However, I concentration a difference of .25. My optometrist said I wouldn't and there was no point in varying, however I would get headaches still. I went to a different optometrist, get the .25 stronger, and I feel like I see so much better. I don't know if it's in my skipper, but as a student, I swear I see the screen better. For me it wasn't my first set of glasses, it was newly another change. I also have one lazy eye, and this alter was in my strong eye which I almost only use.

I would read aloud that if you're worried about it and you can afford the glasses, you might as well correction it. At some point you will quite likely need stronger ones anyway, and consequently you can just change the lenses. If it's a stretch to get them... I don't know that I'd bother.
I'd specifically talk to your MD about the headaches and mouth pain - they are probably related and could be a symptom of TMJ.

The +0.25 prescription is almost nothing - it's the lowest prescription you can get. I can't conjure that you'd notice a whole lot of difference, but everyone's different. I'd give the MD a shot, first, though, beforehand worrying about glasses.
I would never prescribe +0.25. I think they are drastically unlikely to solve your problem. Source(s): Optometrist

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