"should your prescription eyeglasses read like surrounded by every meter?

i just got prescription glasses because i be having trouble seeing far. when i actually got them i notice that i having problems adjusting to them. They made me feel dizzy and tired, i feel like i was actually strainig my eyes to see near the glasses. I went back to my eye doctor to check the goggles. they said they had .25 more than what was actually prescribed. but when i told the store they have made a mistake they said the glasses read correctly and that maybe the machines had different a caliber.
The lensometers should read duplicate, but maybe one of them isn't adjusted correctly for the persons eye who is reading it.

Very commonly a lens can be 0.12 too strong or weak, which is within tolerance, but if we want to count that as a 0.25 , it is very assured to do so.

Depending on how strong your glasses are, a . 25 difference usually isn't enough to give you the symptoms you hold.

But it's difficult to say without all the facts...approaching your prescription.

Saying it's .25 off is kind of passing the buck I devise. Source(s): Optician

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