"Triple"or Double mirage vertically and horizontally IN ONE EYE.?

I have double vision [ upto quadruple vision depending on the morning, etc ], but usually double vision in one eye. By triple/quad, I mean I see one symbol above the original and another to the right of it. I have it in respectively of my eyes, to a different degree. [ One may have vert+hori, while the other only have vert for the day ].

Ophthalmologist and optometrist could not find out why and insist it's just blurry vision or cause by my contacts [ I tell them I can have it with or minus my contacts in ].

I need some help please. Its driving me crazy. Its not cross eyed or vertical "cross eyed".

By squinting, the double perception may correct itself OR get worse. I also notice by moving my head up and down while focusing on impossible to tell apart thing, the double vision can get better or worse.

It is much easier for me to become aware of on things that make light. The brighter and higher contrast between the model and its background, the easier it is to see.

Example: if I open up paint on my computer, make a black situation, and white text I can quickly trace the double vision. Do this same piece with chalk on a blackboard and its much harder. LCD clocks are very easy to "trace" as ably.

I don't want to add any more details or you may get bored :P.
You have optical aberration in your visual path. Most commonly it is from precipitate cataract changes which might be undetectable at the slit lamp but are enough to disrupt the ocular path.
Since you wear contact lenses, there could be corneal distortion. But typically this is masked by the contact lenses (i.e. you do not see multiple images near the lenses on).
Get a third opinion.

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