.I wanna wear Lenses.? does it affect the eyes?

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As long as you look after them as you are told to and you do not overwear them, then they are perfectly undamaging. There is a very small risk of infection, but in most cases this happens when society to not wash their hands or use tap wet or do not clean their lenses regularly.

Many people wear lenses and most of them have have no problem at all Source(s): Optician
No, it does not affect your eyes. Its just that you should be careful enough. Doctors save telling that 18 is the age for starting wearing contacts but I'm wearing it from 14. Its totally alright.....
I and my spouse own ilisk implanted lenses, or are you speaking about contacts. The ones we have are great, we'll never have to wear specs again. Medicare paid for the cataract surgery and the lens.

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