1-800 Contacts and non-prescription lenses contained by Canada?

So i ordered a pair of non-prescription Freshlook Colorblend contacts from 1800contacts.com, but i'm from Canada and i'm wondering if they call international optician's or not? I've gone and had my eyes checked/fitted just now and i have no prescription, but i was reading and it said you still need some sort of paperwork.. So i'm wondering if there's anything else i need to do to ensure my order goes through?
They singular call the Dr. when it is within the US.

When it is international orders, they purely go ahead and ship whatever was ordered. Source(s): Optician
You inevitability to ask 1-800contacts what their needs and proceedures are. Source(s): consultant to: http://www.coloredcontacts.com/site_map.…

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