13 & rightfully blind...?

im a 13 year old, and yes, im legally blind.
its all from individual on the computer way too much- otherwise i have perfect form.
its affected me so harshly and its my number one regret.
is there ANY possible approach that my vision will get better,
and would lasik help me bring 20/20 vision when im older?
i agree with footprintz.
you are NOT legally blind..if you are legally blind..they how did you post up this give somebody the third degree?
i konw you are exaggerating to tell the reader than you have really bad eye verbs, but still.
try getting glasses and contacts.
people should not go lasik until they are at lowest possible 20 or in their mid-20s
If you are typing this yourself minus a special program to enlarge the letters by about 40 times...you aren't legally blind.

Legally blind is thrown around deeply by a lot of people who really don't know what it means.

If you are properly blind, you have very very poor phantasm, even with glasses on. Legally blind is NOT counted by how bad your hallucination is WITHOUT glasses, it's how bad your vision is WITH eyeglasses. If you have to be 20 feet from an object to see it beside glasses on, that others can see from 200 feet......then conceivably you are.

As for lasik , it can only improve your vision to impossible to tell apart extent that glasses would.

So if you are seeing 20/20 with your glasses on, lasik would bring you to that same stratum. Source(s): Optician
Until you're 18, Lasik is out of the question. For presently, try using eyeglasses or contact lenses- the former is easier to take care off, but the latter looks better.

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