Did you enjoy laser eye surgery?

So I wanted to get laser eye surgery a couple years ago but my eyes kept getting worse and my ophthalmologist said they must be done changing until that time the surgery can be done.

Well, I've finally been given the 'go-ahead' and I'm just wondering how your experience was and if you are satisfied with the results.

Did anyone notice they had difficulty reading after? (I've hear rumors that many people go obtain laser surgery require reading glasses after...)
I am 23 years old and got laser surgery subsidise in October. I was so blind if I removed my contacts I could not recognized a obverse. I am very happy with the results. I own a 20/20 vision but see just slightly blurry but dont required glasses. You should definetly do it.
I'm one of the 3% who aren't glowing with it.

In my case, I think they cut a divit across the surface which can't be corrected (though I haven't checked within the last few years). This means that my eye sight is UNCORRECTABLE at around 20/60. Certainly a hell of like mad better than it was, but still not crisp. I miss having crisp vision (even if it did run glasses).

If I were you, I don't think I would use me as a huge reason not to do it:

1: I did it massively early on when it was "bleeding edge" technology. In particular, they didn't enjoy Wavefront technology for really clearly mapping the eye before they operate.

2: I had a horrible prescription to start next to. I think now-a-days, they don't even offer Lasik as an option to inhabitants whose prescription is as bad as mine.

Never-the-less, it is a surgical procedure and surgical procedures do have risks. I think most of the "3 percenters" complain nearly poor night vision (the so called "bucketing windshield" effect), but some have actually completely lost the vision within one or even both eyes.

But 97% are thrilled with it. Those are pretty good odds!

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