15 years antiquated, fruitless daydream? D=?

Im 15 and i just had my doctors appointment for my eyes.
it says my eye prescription is -8.25 and -8.75. im really worried, is at hand a chance i will be blind anytime soon? because i heard the highest you can stir before your blind is -10 ?
last year my prescription was -7.75 and -7.25 (i think)
and i do stir on the computer ALOT (couple hours a day )
am i at risk? :( im really worried. what can i do to improve my vision?and will it ever return with better on its own? (with out surgery?)
it is getting worse first question yes it is possible 2: yes tip to improve your vision i other go with out my glasses within the even and my scripts got better but mine isn't that bad either...
Ask the doctor to call and explain this to you.
That should own been explained to you at your appointment, but perhaps you had not thought of the put somebody through the mill yet when you were in the organization.
My eyesight is -9.75 and -10.25 AND i have astigmatism. i'm pretty "blind" but i see perfectly well beside my rigid contact lenses.

you really can't improve your vision unless you get laser eye surgery, and even that doesn't final forever. my vision got steadily worse until i got contacts at age 14, consequently my vision changes slowed down, so it's been justly stable since then. (i'm 17 now) so i recommend getting contacts rather than glasses.

but don't verbs, you won't go blind! and being on the computer does not hurt your eyes, it only strains them! so be sure to appropriate a 10minute break from the computer every hour to rest your eyes.

talk to your eye doctor! i'm sure the doctor will assure you you will not go blind. =)

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