15 years old-fashioned, really bleak daydream?

Im 15 and i just had my doctors appointment for my eyes.
it says my eye prescription is -8.25 and -8.75. im really worried, is here a chance i will be blind anytime soon? because i heard the highest you can turn before your blind is -10 ?
last year my prescription was -7.75 and -7.25 (i think)
and i do be in motion on the computer ALOT (couple hours a day )
am i at risk? :( im really worried. what can i do to improve my vision?and will it ever procure better on its own? (with out surgery?)
Hey, you're worse than I am. I started wearing glasses when I be 8. I'm 17 now, and I think I'm -7.25, or something like that.

My doctor told me that once you own finished puberty, and when your growth starts to slow down, so will the progression of your poor vision. It's been pretty stable for me, so I'm sure it'll be the same for you.

I use the computer for a couple of hours a sunshine too. Make sure you rest every hour or so.

My doctor told me that wearing contacts also helps. His analogy was that contacts are like the tongue of your shoe, it keep everything in place.
Don't verbs. Your prescription is definitely on the high side but the vision correction option that you have available to you are now excellent compared to 10 years ago. BTW -10.00 is not the maximum power. If you had a prescription surrounded by the teens you would have been considered a higher risk for some serious eye problems but you are not in that. Reading or using the computer can contribute to your prescription change - definitely. However changing your lifestyle is difficult to do. At one point your eyes will stabilize. In the meanwhile, use the sight correction option that you enjoy the most whether it is contacts or eye glasses. Contacts would present you the better peripheral vision. Source(s): http://www.contactlensking.com/eyehealth…
Mine's worse and I'm only thirteen, don't worry almost it.
Your eyes will continue to get worse as you find older. It's just part of energy. Prescriptions go past -20. I would wear the glasses and naught less. My prescription is almost identical and I can read up close and see far away with the goggles. I love my glasses.
You won't go blind. But unfortunately no one will relief you, especially not eye doctors, optometrists and opticians. Sad but true. You are experiencing the same thing that happened to billions of individuals since glasses became a widely used method to "correct" nearsightedness (also known as myopia). The problem is that specs "correct" myopia instantaneously and if your eyesight gets worse you'll be given stronger glasses which in turn will become pale and so on until your mid 20's. Glasses work perfectly, so why bother ?. Well, let me say that's psychosis.
Glasses for myopia can be extremely harmful to the eyes unless they are used properly.
When you have an eye test they ask you to read the packages on a chart which is many feet away ( from 3 to 5 meters, it depends on the type of chart) and that's correct because a myope has problems near distant things and the more distant a thing is, the blurrier the vision. But who spends all their time looking at things that are so far away ? No one, and that's why the specs usually given to myopes are excellent to see distant things but are definitely too strong for everyday use. Here's explained one of the main reasons for on its last legs eyesight : wrong glasses. It's true that a myope can read a book with his/her glasses on but merely because the eyes make an effort to compensate those glasses which surrounded by that specific circumstance are too strong. That effort is called over-accommodation and it's the real create of myopia. A young person who has supreme eyesight can easily become myopic if he/she spends most of the time looking at things that are too close. Constant over-accommodation leads to myopia. When one becomes myopic, the use of wrong eyeglasses (i.e.. too strong for a specific task) leads to over-accommodation and to more myopia. For instance many boys/girls keep books too close when they read/study. It's superfluous, it's just a bad habit that may ruin their eyesight over the years
A considerate eye doctor/optometrist/optician should recount their young patients that glasses are not to be used unless they are necessary. When a myope can see reasonably well without them, they must not use them. For example many babyish myopes do not need glasses for reading and writing, because for such a small distance their natural eyesight is more than plenty. In your situation you can never avoid glasses or contacts, it's obvious. So what else can you do ? The keyword is "undercorrection" i.e. weaker glasses. Your -8.25 and -8.75 contacts/glasses are too strong for heaps short-distance activities such as reading, studying, computer, etc. If you have older goggles they are probably weaker. Use them. The weaker the better, provided they allow you to see clearly enough without staying too close to what you are looking at.

2 or even 2.50 diopters off your current prescription would be adequate for reading/studying without causing any damage to your eyesight (it would be -6.25 and -6.75, or -5.75 and -6.25 if it's 2.50 diopters off) .
I'd also suggest you to hold another pair glasses with purely 0.50 off your current prescription. Use them whenever you have to look far away but you don't really need dependable vision. With 0.50 off you 'll see far things not perfectly but at equal time you would not be straining your eyes.
Your current prescription should used only when strictly necessary. The less you use it, the better for your eyes.
If the doctor give you a new and stronger pair of glasses, filch them but use them as little as needed. The best way to
make your eyesight worse is to constantly use the latest and consequently strongest pair of glasses/contacts.

If you start using the right glasses at the right moment, you can slow down the progression of your nearsightedness and maybe stop its worsening.
I also recommend you to read this book which I found extraordinarily interesting and informative about myopia and its causes . It includes also a visual training method that have helped to improve my eyesight a lot (currently I'm -1.75 from an initial -3.75) http://www.amazon.com/Secret-Perfect-Vis…
You're not going to "go blind" Blindness means something is blocking 100% of light from teh outside from getting to your brain. This a moment ago means things keep getting more and more blurry for you. Until it's just a huge mess of colors. Your eyeballs are of late deformed; usually they are too long.

What CAN make you go blind though, is that when your eyeball is this deformed (-6.00 and worse), the retina can detach from the rest of your eye. The retina is the sensitive film of fortitude tissue that converts light into signals your brain can understands. If they detach, you sever the connection from the outside world to your brain. If ever you see flashing lights or sparks at the edges of your pen of vision, get to an ER quickly; this is a departed giveaway that something bad is happening back nearby.

You can't do anything to improve your vision right now. Your eye is misshapen (same for almost everyone who wishes glasses) and science has yet to figure out why it does that to some population. Computers are related but by no means the causes. In 5-10 years, when you stabilize, a laser can alter the front of your eye and compensate for the deformed shape of your eyeballs, but even then, the incorrect shape overall remains and you're still at risk for retina detachment.

However, the likelihood of anything terrible happening to your eyes are still fairly slim, so don't lose any sleep over it. You'll be more or smaller number okay, as long as you have your glasses handy at all times.

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