(BesT AnSEer GETs 10 POinTS) after I obtain an eye exam....?

how long do I have to wait till they make disposable contacts proportioned to my eye number.

resembling, after the eye exam do I have to wait two weeks or something for my contacts to be made?
It depends on the way your eyes are. Sometimes they have the humane of contacts you need right there, so they'll tweak them a little and donate them to you.

I have a nasty astigmatism, so of course they have to order mine. I had to wait for around a week before they called me in for the fitting. most eye doctors enjoy trial lenses,but you have to try them for a week or so to be sure they are right for you,once they order them it may take two weeks or so. Source(s): lens wearer
It all depends the powers of your eyes....
disposable contacts
if they are easy myopia's the Dr will own the CL's
if you have heavy astigmatism they will have to be ordered (will clutch 1 week)

If you have to have hard lenses they will rob up to 2weeks
GOOD LUCK Source(s): I work with an OD(eye Dr)
it depends on your eye problem. they gave me contacts after 1 minute :) but you can enjoy another "eyes disease". then they found i had another problem so they had to product another type of contacts, i had to wait 1 week.
hope i helped. If you own a standard, easy prescription then the optometrist will probably have any a trial pair, which you can use until the ones you order get it, or they will own them in stock.

If it is a complicated prescription then you will probably have to keep on while they order them.

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they can brand name them right then and there at the office usually,,, thats what they said for me.

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